Policy of Plagiarism

ASEAN Social Work Journal is an international journal that is conducted digitally. All articles must go through the open journal system (OJS), all submitted articles will go through the similarity checking stage using plagiarism checking technology for each article. Plagiarism screening will be conducted by ASEAN Social Work Journal  Board using Turnitin

Aside from that. To strengthen the plagiarism handling policy at ASEAN Social Work Journal, the entire process or stages of plagiarism handling at ASEAN Social Work Journal will adopt stages in accordance with COPE (Committee On Publication Ethics) as in the following link https://publicationethics.org/guidance/Flowcharts. If there is an article that indicates an act of plagiarism, then the ASWJ will do the following:

  1. The author of the article will be informed regarding the findings of plagiarism technology;
  2. The results of the plagiarism percentage will be submitted to the author
  3. The entire team including the advisory board, editor in chief, editors, editorial board, and managing board will be informed regarding this condition in order to open input from the team regarding its handling;
  4. If plagiarism is proven, the things that will be done against the author are:
  • The ASEAN Social Work Journal team will provide information to the editors of the journals indicated to be articles indicated as plagiarism;
  • The ASEAN Social Work Journal team will inform and request a written response from the author;
  • The ASEAN Social Work Journal will officially reject the article;
  • Articles that have been published online will then be withdrawn; and
  • The author of the article will not have the opportunity to publish the article in ASEAN Social Work Journal   for approximately 2 years.