Deaf’s Awareness on Sexual Abuse at The Vinh Long Deaf Club, Vietnam


  • Nguyen Thi Thu Trang Trade Union University, Hanoi Viet Nam



deaf, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, awareness


Over the years, the deaf community in Vinh Long province has had to confront issues of harassment and sexual abuse due to their disabilities. Unfortunately, the majority of the deaf population lacks full awareness of harassment and sexual abuse, often misunderstanding behaviors such as teasing and unwanted touching as not constituting to sexual harassment. Therefore, by using qualitative and quantitative methods, this study aims to explore the current state of awareness about sexual abuse among the deaf in Vĩnh Long City. Simultaneously, the study intends to figure out the factors influencing the awareness of sexual abuse among the deaf and possible solutions for this issue. This article focuses on analyzing some key results from the research, especially the awareness of the deaf community in Vinh Long province on sexual harassment. Many victims knew that sexual harassment is illegal, but they accepted this behavior without reacting to it.

Author Biography

Nguyen Thi Thu Trang, Trade Union University, Hanoi Viet Nam

Nguyen Thi Thu Trang is a professor at Trade Union University. She earned Master degree in Informatic Technology in 2013. Besides working as a professor, she also works as a consultant for some non-government organization, such as Australian People for Health, Education and Development Approach (APHEDA). During the years, she has been dedicated her research capacity through her publicity, includes: An Analysis of mainstreaming education method for children with disabilities in VietNam – ASEAN Social work Journal, 2020; Essential problems in sustainable development of ethnic minority in Vietnam – Social Work & Society International Online Journal, 2020 (; Education and Communication in Planning Child Protection Program in Vietnam – ASEAN Social work Journal, 2021


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